Since the first test build of iOS 12 enough time has passed. Cupertinos not only had time to test, but already has released the final version of the new operating system. In doing so, users now find in iOS 12 small innovations. In particular, visitors to Reddit found in mobile Safari protection from hidden keyboards.

In the new mobile operating system, Apple has added a special protective mechanism that prevents the use of the keyboard in full screen mode. Now, if the user is actively pushing in the bottom of the display, for example, when watching a video in full screen mode, iOS will automatically issue a warning about the ban on the use of the keyboard.

Thus, cupertinos want to reduce the likelihood of data leakage. Particularly useful, this function must be on a different suspicious sites. It is worth noting that when creating iOS 12 Apple paid great attention to the various means of protection of user data. For example, Safari now prevents sites without permission to track users by clicking on the “Share” button and does not allow advertisers to collect personal data.


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