At 13:00 will begin work about 50 thematic contest and exhibition venues. The educational organization of the region will hold a presentation of innovative developments, in an interactive form acquaint guests of the festival with the students projects and their scientific achievements.

It is planned that this year on the stand of the Samara national research University. S. P. Korolev will be submitted to unmanned aerial vehicle “Foton” small spacecraft “AIST” and “AIST-2” model rocket “Soyuz”. In addition, the site will host an exhibition of robotics.

The proposal from the Samara state technical University Autonomous underwater vehicle “Pearl” of the class “micro”, the system mode control of an isolated power system, apparatus for Oceanographic research, innovative engineering solar boat “Solar regatta”, working on solar energy.

The main event will be the quest, the outcome of which will be the initiation of freshmen into students. The quest starts right after the opening ceremony of the festival. To participate students must register to a chat-bot, to do this, simply write a message in the Facebook group. Through the messenger will give the participants the task to cope with which will be possible, visiting the sites of educational institutions. The task is to correctly answer as many questions of the proposed 50. Main prizes: smartphone, iPhone-8, the smart watch Apple Watch and Beats headphones.

In the entertainment program of the festival performances of street bands from Samara, Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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