At the CJSC “waste Management” conducted a strict selection of hazardous waste in the course of processing the incoming volume of municipal solid wastes. Employees of waste treatment facilities was estimated that the objects selected weekly bag of discarded phones of different brands.

TOP of discarded phones as follows:

1. Samsung. The popularity of the brand and a large number of phones sold has ordained place in the ranking.

2. Nokia. Despite the legendary “indestructibility” push-button telephones of this company — everything comes to an end.

3-4. Huawei and Lenovo. The popularity of low-cost Chinese brands, and the opportunity to buy a new phone instead of repair the old made their hit in the rating

5. Apple. The old model popular brands fall into the container only in case of complete lack of the ability to recovery, in parts with obvious defects.

Basically, after passing through automatic sorting line equipment to lose performance, but the debris stream is quite possible to find the current gadget and charger.

In accordance with the regulations of the concession of objects of communal infrastructure for handling MSW, built and operated JSC “waste Management” is not the appropriate 4 and 5 hazard class waste is extracted from the General waste stream. This waste applies to household appliances, batteries, batteries, lamps, etc. In many devices are heavy metals and other hazardous compounds. Exposed to direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation they produce toxic fumes, causing irreparable harm to the environment and human health. Therefore, the company carefully otsortirovyvaya prohibited to accept the waste.

— When something fails or just becomes useless, we willingly throw it in the trash. But many don’t realize that some of these things is classified as “hazardous household waste”, which means that just throw them risky. Substances such as lead, lithium, chromium, used in the manufacture of smartphones, cause irreparable harm to the environment. Even in the small quantities, they have a devastating effect on the condition of the soil, groundwater, and atmosphere, and this in turn leads to total deterioration of the ecological situation. Our task is not to prevent waste hazardous class on our maps, polygon, — said chief engineer of JSC “waste Management” Stanislav Kowalski.

Not all waste related to municipal solid return musorovozy companies, or go to specialisatio.

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