St. PETERSBURG, September 20 — RIA Novosti. A traditional hype in St. Petersburg in the first day of sales of the new line of iPhone from Apple 11 was not observed, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

“We did not observe any increased sursprise, Queuing in front of the store in order to buy a new iPhone, no on our website have the function of pre-orders, and many use it” — said consultants of the shop re:Store in Petersburg, located in the shopping center “Mega”, on the eve of the start of sales. The same situation exists in other sales points, most of which are located in major shopping centers of St. Petersburg.

10 minutes before the opening of the re:Store in the shopping center “Mega” around the Department sat a lone young man who was looking through his phone pictures with the presentation of the new smartphone from Apple. He was soon joined by the girl who became the first customer of iPhone 11 in this outlet.

“I knew that no queue will not. Although I had not bought new items on their way out, but now I wanted to do so. All was calm, it was a good experience”, — told RIA Novosti resident of St. Petersburg Natalia.

The next customer was a man who had acquired several new smartphones. He had long coordinated their characteristics on the phone and refused to comment on their purchase.

“I was a little nervous, I need a new iPhone for the lottery in Instagram today. So I pre-ordered at several stores, and early in the morning paid for the purchase on the company website”, — said the buyer, Alexander. According to him, the sellers could not see the payment because the system in the first few minutes of the sales of smartphones have hung, but after a call to the hotline is resolved.

A resident of St. Petersburg Marina also came to the opening of the flagship store to buy a new product. “I was interested in the design of the new iPhone, I wanted to see what it will have a red tone rear panel, but there is no such. Probably will get to another shopping center,” she said.

Consultants of the shop re:Store confirmed that some models are only available for pre-order, they have already formed a list of purchasers today of those who have used this service on the website, but in the free market the smartphones have.

September 10, Apple unveiled three new smartphones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Pre-orders for them started in Russia on September 18 (in other countries — from 13 Sep), sales began September 20, simultaneously with other States. The price of the iPhone 11 is 59,99 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro, from 89,99 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro Max from to 99.99 thousand rubles. The most expensive smartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max with a storage capacity of 512 gigabytes will cost 131,99 thousand rubles.

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