In the alpha build of the desktop version of Telegram adds support for new proxy settings-connections MTProto, writes channel “Telegram Techie”. The innovation uses the eponymous Protocol used to encrypt messages in the messenger, preventing the reading of outgoing traffic by the owners of the proxy servers.

After the ban of the Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation, the fans of the messenger began to bypass the lock by using a proxy bots, which are automatically filled with the IP address, port, and username and password. This allowed server owners to collect information about the geographic location of users, devices, and sessions of activity.

Due to the underlying MTProto encryption algorithms and using the secret key, replacing the username and password for access to proxy servers, the owners will not be able to read a single byte of user information. From now on, all your actions will be under reliable protection without any risk of being read.

Use MTProto users desktop platforms can now. You must download the file with the alpha version of messenger on your device and install it. It is important to remember that the alpha version is an early build of the application from which it is not necessary to wait for a stable operation.


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