As noted in the Bank, all startups that have been selected, already have a working product and paying customers. All the teams started work at the accelerator. They will receive investment in the form of a convertible loan.

Sberbank said that its application to participate in the accelerator sent a total of more than 840 startups. In the total volume of applications most startups were in the area of electronic Commerce (15%), a cloud-based B2B services (9%) lifestyle services (9%).

Startups shortlisted for the program: — a personal fitness trainer on the basis of the 3D scanner;

“A third opinion” — AI-support system clinical decision, based on the analysis of medical images;

“Kurier” — a platform for automation of logistics processes; — offline sales and support staff on the basis of artificial intelligence;

Bash Today — service booking platforms for private and corporate events;

BINO — service for online booking of mystery shoppers and merchandisers;

Data Screen — the analysis services and manage distribution of digital content;

Doczilla — constructor documents;

Fish.Travel — international booking fishing trips;

Heartex platform for collecting and marking data;

HUMAN+ — the solution for managing the production staff in real time;

Inspector Cloud — SaaS for retail audits;

i-Brain is a developer of interface with artificial intelligence for the rehabilitation of people after stroke and traumatic brain injuries;

Retail Intelligence — solution for the control of goods on a shelf with computer vision;

MaxBionic — developer of bionic prostheses; — blockchain-platform appointment with the doctor and the exchange of health data, which brings together patients, clinics, doctors, insurance companies and other players in the medical market;

Mishka AI — smart stuffed toy with an integrated delivery platform kids content and technologies of artificial intelligence;

Oz Forensics platform for determining the authenticity of digital documents and photographs;

Passteam service that allows companies to issue loyalty cards in Google Wallet and Apple Pay; — marketplace consolidated deliveries in a trading network;

ProctorEdu — service certification online test without an observer;

Rentmania is an online platform where you take and pass any items in the lease; — smart solution for logistics adapted to each business;

Smart Mirror smart mirror for customer interaction companies in the field of retail, hotels, restaurants and beauty salons;

Sim4Design — service for payments in the field of industrial design;

Sputnik8 — booking service tours throughout the world;

ViewApp — mobile app for photo— and videosmothers any objects with protection from fraud;

Windyapp community platform for sports lovers and outdoors with the provision of professional weather anywhere in the world;

Yorso — B2B-marketplace in the field of seafood;

Zenome — a decentralized marketplace of genomic data and services.

The accelerator is a program of accelerated development of startups. Within two months the teams will work on projects in Moscow, constantly in consultation with experts from Russia and Silicon valley. Every week accelerator will bring mentors from 500 Startups, specializing in various areas of growth and scale of business. According to the results of the acceleration of the organizers of the seven best startups will go for a month in San Francisco, where will be trained under the program of Silicon Valley Exchange Program. Both phases of the study will be completed demoname in Moscow and San Francisco.

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