Altai language to be on the keyboard iPhones! This is despite the fact that they themselves Altaians not that iPhones often not, but sometimes even communication. To see the coveted 3G network, you have to dance the ritual dances with a tambourine… But sometimes this method does not work.

The indigenous people of the Altai Republic, living in remote mountain villages is a unique people, whose way of life almost unchanged for centuries.

The Altai language is endangered, they own about 60 thousand people. Yes, they appreciate and know as the Apple of his eye cherish their national language. But whether for them the introduction of Altai layout on the iPhones of some achievement and value? This is what we tried to learn from themselves Altaians.

The head supports

The acting head of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin supported the establishment of the Altai layout gadgets. And even promised to help to develop a special application for iOS. On his decision to the head of the Republic said at the meeting in the Altai language.

— Creation of applications do not require substantial funding, — reported on the official website of the Altai Republic.

The head of the region put up a post with a poll in his instagram account. In the comments, many began to accuse him that “the region has more than enough problems without a keyboard, which you need to do.” For example, the head advised to pay attention to lay water pipe on the street Hospital, which is located near the center of Gorno-Altaysk.

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Friends, wanted to share an interesting observation. Today it is possible to install the Altai layout on the computer and on smartphones running on the Android operating system. But while that is not technically possible for devices running on iOS operating system. And we have decided to develop application that provides a character set in the Altai language for iOS (Apple) Support the initiative?

Publication of Oleg Khorokhordin (@khorokhordin.official) 11 Aug 2019 8:37 PDT
Opinions were divided

In fairness it should be noted that not all the region’s residents against the idea of the Altai keyboard. In areas, despite the lack of communication, the idea was received positively. Residents gather for the society for the protection of the native language.

— Many real local people live in areas, but it is not always possible to understand the accent and dialect of each other. Teach in local schools of the Altai language, but not enough. This idea may be a step for the development of the indigenous language, — said the entrepreneur from Gorno-Altaisk Anastasia Lisunova.

— I think no matter what language to send a message, it is more important to solve something with the tourist traffic on the road through Mima and other villages, cork kilometer through the village in the summer — or leave or to cross the road is impossible, though traffic lights time would put! In one word a nightmare! — said a resident of the Mayminsky district Inga Savchenkova.

The money issue

It is worth mentioning that the IPhones are very expensive, not to mention the Aimags (laptops from Apple, approx. Ed.) the price of the new models of which exceeds 100 thousand rubles. For the Altai Republic, which recently appeared in the end of the rating level of earnings (84 out of 85 seats, just below the Republic of Tyva) surely there are more important things that the locals will acquire in the first place.

By the way

On phones Android is already the Altai language. Young people who prefer technology with this operating system with ease may need to reconfigure the keyboard layout. But, as we found out, doing it rarely.

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