Recently one of the users of popular networking site Reddit found in a new application Find My bug. The latter allows to track on the map not only their, but others ‘ devices.

Recall that in iOS cupertinos 13 introduced a completely new app called Find My. Its key feature is that this utility allows you to find your lost device even if it is not connected to the network or completely village. This was made possible thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy by which the lost device to contact a passing iPhone users, giving them a distress signal.

Cupertinos claimed that due to the advanced security system to track lost iPhone can only their owners. However, this was not so. According to one of the visitors to Reddit under the nickname enoughowl10 when you use the app Find My from time to time on the screen may appear the wrong device. Thus, the user several times to notice different iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

The device shown in the app for approximately 30 seconds and then disappeared. However, this time was enough to build any of the gadgets route or delete all device data. These functions were active.

At the moment, Apple representatives have already contacted enoughowl10 to find out all the details. It is possible that in the near future, the cupertinos will fix a nasty problem.


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