No meaning letters in the names of the latest IPhone models do not carry. This was announced by senior Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller. He noted that this designation of the gadgets there are similarities with the names of sports cars.

“I love cars and everything that moves quickly. And R and S are letters used to denote a truly special sports car”, — quotes the edition Engаdget.

In the names of earlier models of smartphones from Apple the letters meant or that the quality of the phone or its feature. For example, the letter S to iPhone models 3GS means “speed” (speed). And in the case of iPhone 4S, the letter S stands for Siri.

Presentation of new Apple devices took place in California on 12 September 2018. iPhone XR will arrive on the shelves from October 26. In Russia sales of iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max started on the morning of 28 September.

Earlier it became known that Apple will suit in new York on 30 October “special event”. We can talk about the presentation of the new iPad and MacBook, suggests BBC.

Video stream from Brooklyn is scheduled for October 30 at 10:00 (17:00 Moscow time). No other details were given.

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