Layoffs associated with the decline of iPhone sales.

Apple has fired 190 employees who worked on the creation of an unmanned vehicle. This became known from an official letter Apple sent to the Department of employment development in California. Notably, Apple had previously announced its intention to transfer the specialists working on the project car, in other units, and not to dismiss them.

Under the reduction were the key engineers who worked on the project of an Autonomous vehicle from Apple. According to experts, this means that Apple could cancel its plans to construct an unmanned vehicle.

Previously, Apple announced its intention to restructure the team for the development of an Autonomous vehicle. But in an official statement it was a question of translation specialists in other units to work on other Apple products. Now it turned out that the team’s engineers to create a drone will be dismissed.

The layoffs coincide with a drop in iPhone sales, said the experts of the San Francisco Chronicle. It is not excluded that the cancellation of plans to develop an unmanned vehicle associated with the desire of Apple to focus on more important and profitable products.

Source: sfchronicle.


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