Over the last couple of weeks, the network appeared a few complaints about the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. Users have reported issues with charging, unstable Bluetooth and from time to time turning off the speakers. Recently the network began to receive complaints about another Apple product – the Apple Watch Series 4.

According to users, after the transition time from summer to winter and Vice versa Apple Watch Series 4 suddenly stop working. Rather watch go into an infinite reboot, and to bring the gadget from this state is not obtained. Judging by the reviews, yet with such a problem faced only by residents of Australia.

It is assumed that the restart may occur due to a bug in the dial “Infograf”, which can not cope with the preparation of schedules to the new time. In fact, cyclic restarting, arise from the fact that the face is the first thing that appears on the display when turned on. And given the presence of critical errors on the screen, the Apple Watch go into an infinite reboot.

According to experts, the problem can occur at any time. For example, if the user decides to visit the country in a different time zone. Apple representatives had no immediate comment on the situation, but it is not excluded that in the near future, the cupertinos will release a small update to solve the problem.


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