Traditional TV stronger hold for the older audience, while a younger audience chooses streaming. However, the first category has increasingly resorted to streaming services to find movies and TV shows — and in the conditions of today’s competition market players streaming will be useful to the loyalty of this part of the audience.

More than 60% of the 650 thousand subscribers streaming service BritBox — users aged 45 years. Thanks to the loyalty of the audience older than the General churn of subscribers BritBox make up a small percentage, and the platform takes loyalty to the tastes of their audience. President BritBox Sumia Sriraman emphasizes: “the older Audience is not a representative of one of the audience segments Britbox, this is BritBox audience”.

BritBox example should be instructive for any streaming service, not just for platforms for members 45 years. Launched by joint efforts of BBC and ITV Studios, the service met the expectations of viewers of the middle and of Mature age, accustomed to high-quality British content then you and the costume drama on TV in Dickens, and the British version of “the Office” and the series about miss Marple. That this audience will offer the largest banks entertainment content coming into the streaming race — Disney+ Apple TV+, HBO and Max NBCUniversal?

Co-founder and chief analyst TVRev Alan Wolf emphasizes such an important factor as the questionable solvency of Millennials: “in the near future support for a Mature audience — the ex-pay TV subscribers — become a strategic priority for market players, because the average 23-year-old consumer “was windy” and usually signed by no more than one paid service, and more. If ever signed — is often a subscription paid by a parent or mate.”

Modern audience often leaves a particular streaming platform, following the trends: for example, prepares a monthly subscription to Netflix for a new season of “strange cases” to undo it for the sake of “the Heirs” on HBO Now. The trends change rapidly, and in this respect the rate for Mature audiences are more reliable, because, as Wolf says, “if you’re 45 years remained a fan of British detective stories, that’s for life”.

It is well understood in BritBox, and in two years, the service continues to gain an audience from age 45, more than half of which were women. Often the heroine of the British detective series and sitcom of the same age average spectators, and this is a very popular content on BritBox are in the range. The female part of the audience also, according to the observations of analysts, are more inclined to watch the series until the end and less interested in the content outside of the selected genres.

According to Nielsen statistics, for a Mature audience characterized by the unwillingness to spend a lot of time searching for content. Only 24% of those between 50 to 64 years, and 13% of users over a long time change channel in the menu of streaming services, while among those 18 to 34 years, such 45%. The audience of 50 years rarely willing to spend more than 5 minutes on browsing, a young viewer spends an average of 9.4 minutes, and the audience average age is 8.4 minutes.

BritBox ably maintains the interest of the audience — for example, uploads a series entirely to Bach — from all 20 seasons. Contrary to popular practice on the platform spread the content portion, for example, for three seasons in a month. It would seem, there is a risk that impatient viewers will watch the three seasons in a couple of visits — but a recommendation algorithm BritBox on time informs the subscriber about the new batch of episodes.

This strategy works successfully and users BritBox regularly, once a month, to pay your content. Now the fight for the Mature audience needs to enter the large predators. “24-year-old in the war of platforms will be for the big players so-so army” — sums up the Wolf.

SOURCE: Digiday

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