For several years in the network with a different frequency, there is a new info pertaining to Apple augmented reality glasses. Not so long ago, network sources have even reported the cessation of work on this project. However, in iOS 13, it was found a refutation of this information.

According to the authors of the publication MacRumors, who were able to get their hands on a special version of iOS 13, created for Apple employees, the code in the new Apple’s mobile operating system has an application called STARTester. It allows you to control some external device, which is called Garta. However, according to reports, the gadget has a few prototypes.

In addition, in the code there are lines ARStarBoardViewController and ARStarBoardSceneManager, and in the additional file has description shell StarBoard for AR-compatible applications that support the points.

According to the latest projections, Apple could release their augmented reality glasses next year. Some believe that cupertinos deliberately did not hurry with the release of AR-gadget, as the industry was just not ready for them.


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