Apple’s long wait for a major upgrade of the Mac mini and MacBook Air. According to the latest rumors, it will happen very soon.

The updated model, as last year’s iMac Pro will be aimed at an audience of professionals involved in the development of applications, maintaining servers and creating multimediacontent. That is, everyone who uses a computer for serious, demanding work.

It certainly will increase the cost of the Mac mini. Now the base model costs only 37 thousand rubles. If Apple will establish in it a modern CPU, the SSD and increased RAM, the price may exceed the existing several times.

Also not the first time there are rumors about the new MacBook Air with Retina display. The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that Apple want to update a series of notebooks presenting the budgetary system in the old building, but with the new screen. In fact, the display is the only problem with the current MacBook Air, and the output of the computer with an improved screen at the old price can significantly increase Mac sales overall.

Presentation of new Apple products will take place in September. It will also show an updated iPhone and Apple Watch.


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