Open Bug Bounty released statistics regarding the number of vulnerabilities discovered by the project participants in the period from January to June of 2019. Thus, in the framework of the project the researchers reported 212 148 vulnerabilities, including those involving Apple, Amazon, Airbnb and Asus.

According to published data, over a specified period submitted reports on 92 598 new vulnerabilities, they have celebrated 47 812 bugs (51.6 per cent). On average, the period of elimination of problems made up 53 days, and the hot fix took only 12 minutes after the announcement of the vulnerability.

In addition, it was 516 running reward programs for the found vulnerabilities, covering a total of 1,022 of the web site.

In March of this year, the project Open Bug Bounty launched a new section that enables researchers to promptly notify the owners of web-sites on the leakage of personally identifiable information (PII).

Open Bug-Bounty — program coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities, providing the opportunity for any researcher to report the vulnerability on any site provided that problems were discovered without the use of invasive techniques and are disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities.

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