Apple never revealed the sales volume of the wearable device. However, analysts know the approximate sales of these gadgets. According to experts, by the end of this year, the share of wearable devices in total sales Apple can reach 20%.

Experts believe that this year, the cupertinos will be able to implement about 30 million Apple Watch and more than 30 million AirPods. If the demand for these devices continues, by 2020 wearable electronics could become the third largest source of income after Apple’s smartphones and services. In other words, the watch and the headphones will bring the company more money than iPad and Mac.

In the past, analysts said that Apple needs to look for new sources of income, since in the future the demand for Apple’s smartphones will decline. This trend is already visible.

In the past, many experts believed that the main source of income in the coming years will be the services. However, it is likely that with them a significant part of the total profit Apple will bring the wearable device. Especially if cupertinos will continue to actively develop this direction, offering customers something useful and innovative.


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