Recently became aware of a new mechanism to protect the batteries in the iPhone and iPad, which plans to introduce the Apple. According to available data, cupertinos want to protect their devices against excessive heating in the heat. To do this, the company will limit the battery level at 80% level.

According to Apple, all batteries heat up during charging. However, excessive overheating can cause damage to the battery. It is for this reason kupertinovtsy decided to introduce a new mechanism of protection. It will operate when the ambient temperature is too high. The battery will stay at 80%. In order to charge your device fully it will be necessary to move to a cooler place.

It is worth noting that a new protection mechanism cannot be disabled. It will work constantly. To appear overtemperature protection needs with one of the iOS updates.

Recently Apple pays special attention to different mechanisms that should protect the batteries iPhones and iPads and extend their work. For example, in iOS 13 cupertinos added the function of smart charging.


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