Passengers often build a travel route from the end subway stations or from stations close to the destination, and navigate to the ring stations, and the station, near which are places for recreation, entertainment and walks.

On average users spend on the road from 17 to 36 minutes.

Mobile app “Metro of Moscow” was released in 2017. It has been already downloaded more than 1.8 million passengers. Through push notifications users can be the first to learn about the introduction of new stations and scheduled repairs. The app is compatible with smart clock Android Wear and Apple Watch supports Siri voice assistant.

“The Moscow metro” allows you to build the route taking into account the schedule all city transport and suburban trains: service to find your way to specific points, calculate travel time, number of stops and the cost of the trip. In addition, in the application numbered exits from the stations and the streets, which are the outputs. In service, you can recharge the card “Troika” with the help of payment service Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, and record a preferential subscription on the social card for the subway and ground transportation.

This was reported on the website of the Moscow metro.

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