Today the author EverythingApplePro channel and user of XDA forum Max Weinbach has shared new information about the yet unannounced Apple news. In particular, they talked about the features of iOS and iPhone 13 11.

iOS 13

According to available data, in iOS 13 needs to receive the long-awaited dark theme. While sources claim that the cupertinos will not be abused in black. In the design of the OS will be enough shades of gray.

In addition, in iOS 13 should appear, the advanced control system memory. The system will consider the “habits” of the user and pre-load in memory the most frequently used applications.

Other features of the new Apple’s mobile operating system, the sources attributed the improvements to Siri and extensive works for protection of the OS from hacking. The latest innovations will greatly complicate the process of creating a jailbreak.

iPhone 11

According to sources, to create the iPhone 11 cupertinos will pay greater attention to the cameras. In particular, both a flagship smartphone should get a triple main camera. The third module will have a resolution of 12 MP and a lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

While it is likely that all three cameras will be equipped with system of optical stabilization. However, while 100% confidence in it. It is not excluded that Apple will delay the introduction of such option until next year.

Also, the cupertinos will modify the flash and reduce the protrusion of the camera housing. Some changes will occur with Face ID. Scanner a new generation needs to recognize a face in a larger range. There is an assumption that to unlock the smartphone users do not even need to lift the machine off the table.


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