Known insider Benjamin Gaskin shared in his microblog pictures credit card Apple Card. According to him, some Apple employees began to get their hands on Apple map.

According to reports, the card comes in special packaging which has a label NFC. The latter is necessary to activate the Apple Card. In order to start using the map, users need to open the Wallet app and place your iPhone near the NFC chip. It will connect physical and virtual Apple Card.

The map itself is a model of minimalism: on one side is engraved the name of the owner, the Apple logo and also placed the chip on the other – are the logos of MasterCard and Goldman Sachs, who are partners of Apple. The CVC code on the map is missing.

As mentioned above, at the moment to try out the Apple Card can only some staff of Apple company. Ordinary users will be able to get a credit card this summer. With this service available will still only in the United States.


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