Taiwanese publication Digitimes has shared a new portion of rumors about future Apple updates. According to the authors of the resource, the cupertinos are preparing a simplified version of AirPods Pro. Journalists called the new AirPodsPro Lite.

Alas, the specific details about the new wireless headphones Apple now no. About the new product was mentioned in passing. According to sources of the resource, Apple has adjusted the volumes of supply of some components, and increased the volume of orders for new devices, the announcement of which will take place in the future. The latter include the AirPods Pro Lite, the next generation iPad and new iMac.

Hard to imagine how it can look AirPods Pro Lite. At the moment, Apple is already selling two versions of their wireless headphone with noise reduction and without. A simplified version of the advanced model hard to fit into the existing product line.

It should be noted that DigiTimes is quite often wrong in their forecasts. Therefore, the information from the publication should be treated with considerable skepticism. However, called AirPods Pro Lite hidden AirPods third generation.


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