Today the site Slashleaks was published the first drawing of the yet unannounced handset. The source says that in the picture you can see the successor to the iPhone Xr. However, with this information, not everyone agrees. In particular, @OnLeaks claims that the images show the iPhone XI.

At the moment it is unknown exactly where the photo taken. Presumably it was removed one of the Foxconn employees. This is supported by the fact that the picture is visible not only drawing, but also additional information. Apparently, the screen is open documentation.

It is difficult to say what specific features will differ yet unannounced Apple smartphone. However, if judged only by the available image, it’s safe to say that it will support wireless charging. It suggests a distinctive cutout on the rear panel.

Also pay attention to the upper left corner. This place is usually the main camera module of the smartphone. Judging by the picture and the number of holes, the machine can be equipped with an advanced module with three lenses.

Confirmed or not, all the rumors will become clear this fall when Apple announces their new mobile device.


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