Soon after the official announcement of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro in the network began to appear the first reviews of the new. My opinion on the new “Proshka the” share a major Western publication. In most cases, the journalists praised the new keyboard and sound quality.


One of the main features 16-inch MacBook Pro is the keyboard. Apple went back to the scissor mechanism, which should solve all previous problems with the keyboard in Apple laptops.

After the change mechanism, the key travel is increased by 0.7 mm. to absorb large amounts of text on the new keyboard is convenient — the key travel is nice, and the keyboard is surprisingly quiet.

Other than the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro is similar to its predecessors. However, with one caveat – he is still a bit larger and heavier 15-inch models. The differences are not too noticeable, but they are. Also don’t forget about the updated “stuffing”, which is more than worthy.

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For many MacBook Pro 15-inch display that was released in 2015 still reference Apple computer. It was a powerful stuffing, good enough keyboard and various ports. The new “Proshka” some parameters might correspond to the title of “model”. However, there are drawbacks.

Yes, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro has a powerful stuffing and solves one of the main problems of the recent years model has a keyboard with a scissor mechanism. Potentially, such a decision should significantly improve the reliability of the keyboard in a MacBook Pro.

However, the novelty can not boast of a large variety of ports. 16-inch “proshko” there are only four ports, Thunderbolt and 3 port for headphones. Of course, now useless to ask Apple to bring back the HDMI or USB-A, but the lack of SD card slot doesn’t look a good decision – for many this option is not enough.


Introducing 16-inch MacBook Pro, users might think that Apple wanted to impress them with a display. However, in addition to the increased diagonal it is a little different from panels in previous models the MacBook Pro.

More interesting other features. For example, a keyboard. Cupertinos back to the scissor mechanism, which is an advantage. It also improved the sound system and MacBook Pro, so the novelty is really good.

Not to mention about the new filling. For the performance of a 16-inch model needs about two times to surpass last year’s MacBook Pro. Moreover, Apple has not forgotten about the more capacious battery. In the end, it all will work, you can say after a full test. But on paper it looks pretty decent.


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