Last week Apple unexpectedly released a new AirPods. Externally, the headphones has not changed, but they appeared supports “Hey Siri”. The cupertinos began to deliver the ordered headphones, and especially for this time of major Western publications, prepared reviews of new items.


In General, the authors AppleInsider new Apple headphones liked. In particular, they appreciated that AirPods second generation became somewhat louder, the sound became more intense and a little brighter. However, it is not enough to change the original headphones on new.

Cupertinos began to make some drastic changes in the new AirPods: preserved design, colors and gestures. Cases headphones also virtually identical. The only feature of the new case is the location of the charge indicator. Now it is located on the front surface.

The authors AppleInsider believes that the best solution now is not to change the original model AirPods. The only thing you can do is just buy a case with support for wireless charging.


The authors TechRadar also believe that the owners of the first AirPods an urgent need to change my headphones to a new one. Cupertinos just didn’t offer any radical innovations. Yes, the new headphones got the support of the feature “Hey Siri” and a couple of microphones that respond well to commands even in difficult conditions. For example, in a noisy environment.

As for sound quality, the authors TechRadar did not notice any major changes. On the one hand they liked the clean sound at the same time some questions have been raised to low and high frequencies.


According to the authors of MacRumors, all the major changes are hidden inside the new AirPods headphones. First, the updated Apple wireless headset connects to devices much faster. Second, they began to sound slightly better, especially at high volume. And third, they received the support of the feature “Hey Siri”.

However, despite all the innovations, new AirPods is almost impossible to distinguish from the original model. At least, outwardly. In fact, there is no real way to visually distinguish both versions of the headphones. Only if you connect them to your iPhone.


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