Today the site Slashleaks appeared some photos of the PCB. According to the source, who published photos, the photo shows the Board for new Apple smartphones.

If the pictures really show Board for iPhone 11, the new devices cupertinos can revert to an earlier design. If the iPhone X and iPhone XS Apple used L-shaped motherboard, iPhone 11, the company could return to a rectangular shape. Why Apple will take this step is unknown.

Previously it was assumed that the cupertinos have changed the shape of the motherboard in iPhone X and iPhone XS from rectangular to L-shaped in order to increase the volume of the battery and to release some extra space for some components.

Recall that according to analysts, the new Apple smartphone should be equipped with a more capacious battery and improved cameras. In the case of iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max battery capacity is expected to grow by 20% and 10%, respectively, and the main camera – get a third lens.

According to the latest official announcement of the new iPhone may be held September 10.


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