In its history, Apple has created many interesting and unusual products. However, not all of them became popular. For example, in 1993 the exhibition Macworld Boston cupertinos showed landline phone-Fax with touch screen called W. A. L. T. series device does not matter. But today in the Internet appeared the video review of the Apple phone.

W. A. L. T has a very broad functionality. The device had a fairly large monochrome touch screen, built-in address book, custom ringtones, can grant its owner access to a Bank account, and also receive faxes.

Separately Sonny Dickson, who has removed the review of the W. A. L. T, focused on the unusual guide for multifunction Apple phone. There was a lot of strange recommendations like “do Not use W. A. L. T near the water”, “don’t throw W. A. L. T” and the like.

As mentioned above, a series of device does not matter. The exhibition Macworld Boston cupertinos presented only a prototype of the phone. It was assumed that the sales will start few months after the announcement. Later, however, Apple decided not to release W. A. L. T.


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