Apple introduced the new iPad mini just the other day, and major Western publications ready to share the first related news. In a nutshell, the journalists have found that they and to criticize, and to praise the new Apple tablet. The majority of reviews were written in a positive way.

The Verge

At the moment Apple is offering the tablet for almost every taste – 300 to almost $ 2000. However, users can freely choose the device based not only on price but also on the size of the screen.

As for the new iPad mini, the journalist of The Verge shared an interesting observation. In fact, again picking up the iPad mini, he remembered why compact Apple tablet was so popular. It’s simple – easy to use, it is convenient to read texts.

Make the decision to purchase iPad mini is easy enough – if you want a relatively compact, yet powerful tablet, the new product will perfectly cope with this task.

The main disadvantage of the updated “ingress”, the authors of The Verge called the absence of the Smart Connector as the large “brothers”.


According to the authors of the publication CNET, the new iPad mini is a good device. It has powerful processor which makes the product significantly more powerful than its predecessor, and all the necessary features including support for Apple Pencil first generation.

However, by today’s standards, the iPad mini 5 has a very wide frame around the screen, and there is no place to store proprietary stylus. It would be interesting if kupertinovtsy rethink the design of its compact tablet. However, in this case it would become more expensive.

iPad mini 5 – it’s just a nice and functional tablet without any noticeable change.


At the moment users have to choose from. If you need a cheap iPad, then there will approach last year’s 9.7-inch tablet, which costs $ 329. If you want a tablet with A12 in a store, you should pay attention to the new iPad Air.

Updated iPad mini is just between these two models. The audience, which focused this new product, well understood. The new iPad mini will be chosen by those who need compact and powerful tablet. However, to try something new should those who believe that screen at 7.9-inches will not be enough.


In the past the iPad 4 was the best tablet with a diagonal of 10 inches. After the release of the new “mini” the situation has not changed – he is the best in its class.

iPad mini 5 bypasses all competitors. On the one hand it is much more powerful compact solutions from Amazon, and on the other Apple new superior solution from Samsung for the duration of support. As a result, the iPad mini is not just strong opponents.

Yes, Apple’s new compact tablet is the perfect device. It has its drawbacks. But it’s reliable and powerful tablet, and for some users this is significantly more important than a thin body and a thin frame around the screen.


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