In the past, network sources have said about Apple’s plans to release a separate Music app for macOS. Today this information was confirmed by 9to5mac. Moreover, journalists have published screenshots of the new application. With this resource, the authors also showed how it will look like TV-tool.

According to available data, the basis for a new music app for macOS lie iTunes. But the app itself should be “easier”. However, recognizable two-column interface will remain.

Also, the authors 9to5mac noted that the Music app provided sync your tracks between your computer and Apple mobile devices and a feature that lets you listen to playlists with automatic selection of music based on user interests.

As for the TV, it has about the same interface. However, in the main window, there are additional tabs, which should simplify navigation and access to various content such as TV shows, movies, kids programs etc.

More information about the new standard applications in macOS will be available in the coming Monday, when the cupertinos will officially unveil the updated operating system.


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