The device is equipped with multiple screens, one of which can be used as usual now “unilateral” smartphone.

The Network published an informal image folding iPhone that in light of recent development trends in the digital realm in the future may be born. The possible appearance of the future smartphone showed the designer Antonio De Rosa.

The device is equipped with multiple screens, one of which is on the back side you can use as the now familiar “one-sided” smartphone, while the large internal screen formed by the opening of the device becomes large-scale platform to work directly with many applications.

By assumption portal no cutouts in the device, which in the case of appearance on the shelves may be called the iPhone X Fold, will not, however, the smartphone allegedly will appear interface connector USB Type-C for charging and place under the front camera.

Previously, Apple has registered in Russia 11 previously unknown models of the iPhone. The certification process is mandatory for all devices that you plan to produce for sale in the territories of such countries as Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and several other, which means the preparation of Apple to present new iPhone in September.

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