In June it became known that out of Apple’s one of the key members — johnny Ive, who designed the iPhone, iPad and other iconic products. “This is the end of an era at Apple,” describes the event of the Financial Times. Responsible for the design of the after care Ive will operating officer Jeff Williams — a man about whom still little was known, writes Bloomberg.

Williams, 56, three years younger than Tim cook. He works at Apple for more than 20 years — since 1998, the post of chief operating officer is four years. Bloomberg notes that in his new role, the top Manager will become the second most important person in Apple Executive Director Tim cook and his potential successor.

The artist who wrote the iPhone: why Jonathan Ive was so important for Apple

That’s what it told Bloomberg current and former Apple employees on condition of anonymity:

Williams arrives at the office before 7 a.m. and lingers until late in the evening. He loves Hiking and Cycling and often between meetings riding her bike.

During operation, the operating Director Williams showed himself as a demanding and outspoken leader. But sometimes in meetings with the engineers, he passes the role of “bad COP” to one of his closest subordinates, told the Bloomberg.

Williams, who now oversees the development of all Apple devices, not immediately passed to AirPods — some of his colleagues while working on the project noticed that he continued to wear wired headphones, because he didn’t like the feeling with the AirPods.

Williams — model of efficiency, according to Bloomberg. He carries in his pocket a small notebook and taking notes at meetings, and questions cook can quickly give a lot of numbers. Calm character and discipline he does not like Steve jobs, Bloomberg reported.

It is much more similar to Tim cook, the Agency concludes. They have a lot in common: both grew up in the American South, received an MBA from Duke University and worked at IBM before joining Apple. The interlocutors Bloomberg compare even the clothing style of the top managers — most often it is jeans and a shirt.

Williams oversaw the creation of smart watches Apple Watch, which was a serious challenge. A few months before the start of sales of the first model, some employees, who have tested the device, there was an allergic reaction to Nickel contained in the housing. Williams ordered to dispose of thousands of already released watches, and use other kind of metal. A similar story happened with called the Taptic Engine, a linear actuator, through which the Apple Watch getting a notification vibrate is quieter than the smartphone. Staff found that the item is subject to corrosion, and the party has already produced hours left in the sale.

The interlocutors Bloomberg say that the user has positioned Williams as a potential successor to cook before leaving Quince.

Williams knows how to listen and ask pointed questions. He tries to speak with engineers in their language, although at times subjected to humiliation your technical skills, said one former top managers of the company.

He has yet to win the trust of designers, say people close to the team Quince. According to one of the interviewees, a top Manager used to rely on performance indicators and in the design of such metrics have little meaning.

Capitalization of Apple fell by $9 billion on news of the forthcoming departure of the chief designer

“Jeff is 95% of operations and only 5% of the product,” Bloomberg says the source familiar with a top Manager. Increase Williams reinforces concerns about the ability of Apple to bring yourself from a state of excessive confidence, says the Agency. Under the leadership of Tim cook Apple has doubled their market value (last year, the company’s capitalization briefly exceeded $1 trillion) and has sold hundreds of millions more expensive models of iPhone, iPad, AirPods and subscription services. But sales of the iPhone, which has long brought Apple two-thirds of the revenues ceased to grow, and the company faced increased competition in China and India.

“The General Director Apple don’t have to be a visionary, if the company already has a visionary with whom he could work, — says the former Director of marketing for Apple Michael gartenberg. — Tim cook was jony Ive. The question is, who after retiring Ive become a visionary, able to lead the company to “The next big thing”?”

Apple declined to comment on the Bloomberg article or provide the opportunity to talk with Williams.

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