The authorities of the state of new York will investigate to determine why the American Corporation Apple was not warned in time of consumers about the presence of bugs in your application for audio and video calls FaceTime, which allows an unauthorized person to overhear someone else’s conversation. This is stated in the published statement of the attorney General of new York Letitia James and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“New Yorkers should not have to choose between their personal communications and the right to privacy,” said James. “FaceTime is a serious threat to the security and privacy of millions of new Yorkers who over the years have trusted Apple and its products. My office will conduct a thorough investigation of how Apple has responded to the emergence of such a situation, and review the actions of the company for compliance with the laws of the state of new York,” added the Prosecutor General.

“New Yorkers deserve to have their phones were secure and were not used against the owners,” said Cuomo. He expects to obtain from the attorney General “full and complete report” on how much Apple cared about the rights of consumers.

Reuters on Tuesday reported that Apple users have discovered a bug in FaceTime, which allows you to see or hear the callee before the call is answered. As expected, this error is somehow connected with the function of group video calling, which the company introduced at the end of October 2018.

In turn, Apple said that they know about the existing problem. The company intends to the end of the week to release a software update that will fix bugs in the application. Group calls to FaceTime when it became unavailable.

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