Our level of wealth 0,0000000000000003 Benov Applecow.
The ability to immediately determine the well-being of another person, for sure, instinct carried us through the dark ages. But if our ancestors were offensively just took a quick glance at the number of fangs the saber-toothed ferret on the neck of the interlocutor, and be done with it. In the Middle ages, for these purposes, commonly used the mouthpiece that will be run ahead of your take a sedan chair and shouting: “Cancerogenic! The giant killer! The navel of the Tambov province! Defender of the poor and that’s all!” In the twentieth century, for these purposes, tried to use national signs “the more expensive the watch, the man richer”, but then it turned out that it does not always work.
And now, it seems, in our post-industrial society again had a strong benchmark by which to judge the material prosperity of man. He was found by accident, but a public outcry confirms its effectiveness.

The wearer of Twitter Amanda Rosenberg published a photo of a popular actor Ben Affleck. The paparazzi filmed him on June 17 on a street in Los Angeles. “I’d like to be rich, to carry your laptop like that!” — posted by Amanda.

There is a fair share of truth. Prices on MacBooks (namely, it is in the hands of an actor!) starts from 100 000 RUB. And anyone who ever gave Apple equipment in a fix, knows how much mental suffering brings the moment when you need to pay.
Post scored 10 000 retweets, and comments people have provided confirmation of this theory. In the photo Kanye West, who treats his laptop the same way. And he, incidentally, is in fourth place in the list of the richest rappers in the world by Forbes.


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