Us senators decided to protect the Internet in the Subcommittee on security of the Committee on science of the U.S. Senate on 30 April held a hearing on the issue of strengthening the cybersecurity of the Internet of things. The document details are posted on the legislature’s website.

“The hearing will examine the security threats and complexity created by the Internet of things. It is planned to work out measures to encourage manufacturers to embed security into devices and their supporting networks”, — stated in the message.

In addition, experts will consider the importance of the networks of the fifth generation (5G) for cyber security and the measures that can be taken by the state, entrepreneurs and consumers to ensure the security of the Internet of things. It is planned that before the senators were experts from the consumer technology and cyber security specialists, which will describe their vision of the situation.

11 March 2019, the us Congress introduced a bill on cybersecurity, the Internet of things. He lists the risks and vulnerabilities of IOT devices as well as ways to counter such vulnerabilities.

The bill aims to prevent private information in the Internet of things ecosystem to third parties. The regulation will apply to all “smart” devices: voice assistants-column (Alexa, Siri and other Apple), smart home electronics, smart TV, system “smart house”, etc.

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