U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed to introduce criminal liability for executives of companies in the leakage of personal data of citizens of the country. A copy of the bill with the amendments to the Code published on the website of the Senator.

“Approval or failure to prevent violations of the law (…) shall be punishable for the top Manager of the Corporation”, — the document says.

The law needs to get of the Corporation, the annual revenues of which exceed $1 billion

According to the proposal of Senator, the penalty for such violations can be a fine or imprisonment for a top Manager of the company. During the initial violation, jail time can be up to one year, if you re already up to three years.

If bill Warren is adopted, under its action can get, in particular, companies such as Facebook,
Google, Amazon, Apple and others.

Elizabeth Warren — US Senator from Massachusetts, a member of the Democratic party. Previously Warren has declared its intention to participate in the US presidential election of 2020.

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