WASHINGTON, July 15. /TASS/. The United States authorities expressed “very serious concern” in connection with the decision of Facebook to release its own crypto currency Libra in 2020. This was stated on Monday, the American Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin, answering questions of journalists at the White house.

“The Ministry of Finance expresses its very serious concern that Libra can be used by persons involved in money laundering and the financing of terrorism, — said the head of the Department. — This is really a national security issue. We will not allow suppliers of digital services to operate in the shadows”.

According to Mnuchin, the U.S. government “will demand from the organizations that Transact with Bitcoin, Libra or any other cryptocurrency, adhere to the highest standards.”

Speaking about the cryptocurrency Facebook, Mnuchin said: “At the moment [she] does not suit me.

They [Facebook] and others [companies] have to do a lot of work before they [of cryptocurrency] would be enough for us”.

The Minister stressed that the authorities warned Facebook about the need to adopt the same protective measures against such criminal activities as money-laundering, which accept traditional financial institutions.

The opinion of the President and the fed

On 11 July President of the United States Donald trump critical about the cryptocurrency, expressing the view that they are unreliable and can encourage criminal activity. In his opinion, the decision to release Libra will have a “low stability and reliability”. The President pointed out that “if Facebook and other companies want to be a Bank”, they must go through the relevant procedures and to obey the laws on banking activity “as well as other banks — both national and international.”

Speaking at a hearing in Congress last week, Chairman of the Federal reserve system (FRS) that perform the functions of the Central Bank of the country, Powell said that Libra makes finregulyatora “serious concern”.

In turn, the head of the Committee on financial services of the house of representatives of the legislature Maxine waters pointed out that the decision Facebook is a continuation of the uncontrolled penetration of the American companies in the personal lives of millions of users. Its Committee is currently considering the opportunity to introduce a bill that would ban major social networks and technology companies provide financial services and to introduce cryptocurrencies.

In June, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that several major American corporations, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber are going to invest $10 million in the creation of the consortium, who “will rule the cryptocurrency” from Facebook.

Guide Facebook has repeatedly been criticized by representatives of the U.S. government and the American public. The administration of the social network, in particular, was accused that she does not oppose sufficiently the spread of malicious information. As previously reported by Reuters, U.S. authorities are preparing to launch a large-scale investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to check for possible antitrust violations on their part. Simultaneously, on the beginning of own investigation declared Democrats in the House of representatives.

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