Marketing Agency Moosylvania has published a new rating favorite brands of Millennials from the United States. In this category the company has classified people aged 19 to 39 years. Annual ranking of Moosylvania releases in 2013. Full list of results by Business Insider.

The most popular generation company was Amazon. The company is the richest businessman in the world of Jeff Bezos for the first time topped the list. The most expensive brand in the world by Forbes, Apple was in the rating of American Millennials only the second. In the top ten two more technology companies — Samsung (sixth place) and Google (seventh place).

On the third position in the ranking of the favorite brands of Millennials — Nike. One of its chief rivals, Adidas also entered the top 10, finishing in eighth place. On the fourth and fifth place is the offline retailers Walmart and Target. Completing the top ten two more notable competitor, Coca-Cola was a bit higher than Pepsi. After the first ten located Microsoft and Nintendo.

Among the manufacturers content survey respondents most often named Disney (private line was owned by Marvel), among coffee shops — Starbucks and fast food restaurants — McDonald’s. The most popular automaker was Toyota, as a cosmetics shop — Sephora.

Among the top 10 most valuable brands in the world by Forbes in a list of favorite American Millennials were not only Facebook.

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The rating was compiled according to the survey. In the course of it thousand people were asked to name three names.

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