The U.S. Congress submitted to the President for signing Donald Trump new bill requiring U.S. and foreign IT-companies to disclose the fact of cooperation with foreign States. If the firm gave countries like Russia and China, the opportunity to study the source code of its product, it must report this to the US authorities.

The reason for introducing the new bill was the investigation of Reuters, conducted last year. The Agency found that such major developers, such as Hewlett Packard, SAP and McAfee, allowed the Russian security services to examine the source code of its software on the presence of a spy “bookmarks” and other vulnerabilities. The company has typically announced the defence structures of the United States, enjoying the same IN that their products were studied by foreigners.

The US authorities are worried that the developers, giving kiberprestupniki knowledge about the features of the software, endanger and make vulnerable to attack the state system of the United States.

The new law requires that the company informed the Pentagon about any security risks associated with the study of sources. Otherwise, they risk the loss of the contract. In addition, the planned creation of a database of software products that were studied by foreigners. Access to the register will have not only the American military authorities, but other government agencies of the United States.

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The final version of the bill was approved by the U.S. Senate on Wednesday: 87 votes for and 10 against. Last week it was approved by the House of representatives. Now that the document came into force, it needs to be signed by trump.


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