MOSCOW, 2 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexander Forest. At the G20 summit, Donald trump made a surprise announcement: in the near future it will cancel its sanctions against the Chinese company Huawei. This provoked a storm of criticism in Congress, and Advisor to the President had to defend the TV channel Fox News. Why trump suddenly backpedaled — in the material RIA Novosti.

Forced retreat

During the hour and a half conversation with the leader of China XI Jinping, President of the United States announced that it will lift sanctions against technology giant Huawei and refrain from additional trade restrictions against China.

“Our companies can sell equipment Huawei — said Donald trump. Tomorrow or Tuesday will be a meeting, which will address the issue of removing Huawei from blacklist”.

“Trade policy Donald trump makes us it people a cold sweat, and that’s an understatement,” writes the French Le Figaro, citing industry sources.

Revealing the story of Google, among the first announced that will deprive smartphones Huawei access to its Android operating system. According to the founder and CEO of the Chinese company Jen Jenvey, as a result, Americans will miss almost a billion users.

So, a few days ago in the list of devices that support Google Play service, all included line of smartphones Honor 20 and 20 Pro. This brand is owned by Huawei.

Microsoft also decided to stop the war and returned in the official distribution prohibited laptops Huawei MateBook 13, MateBook and MateBook X Pro. “We, as before, will respond to the many business, technical and regulatory difficulties associated with the recent addition of Huawei in the list of banned organizations in the United States. However, we resumed the sale of existing stocks of Huawei devices in the Microsoft Store,” explained company representatives.

A week ago, about 20 different consortia of States for standardization (NFC Forum, Broadband Forum, HDMI Forum, Ethernet Alliance, and others) appealed to the Ministry of Commerce with a joint letter that the requirement to exclude Huawei from the process of joint certification would deprive the country adopted in the specification of the status of international standards. There competing platform that will greatly limit the ability of U.S. companies outside the country.

But, perhaps, a truce in the trade war happy Apple, for which China is the main production base. After the sanctions imposed by Washington against Huawei in China turned a massive campaign to boycott the iPhone, and sales plummeted.

Moreover, in the Chinese media and social networks, there are calls for an official ban on the sale of Apple products. According to analysts Goldman Sachs, the profit of the American company in this case will collapse by 29 percent.

In late June, the newspaper Nikkei Asian Review, citing a source at Apple said that the company executives asked key suppliers — Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron, Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics, Inventec to estimate costs in advance of moving the production to India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico, as well as to perform business prospects in these countries. The results were disappointing: the losses would approach $ 15 billion per year.

Now top managers of the Apple breathed a sigh of relief and action at the opening of trading on Monday jumped from 203,6 of 197.3 to dollar. On the positive news about the truce in the trade war the Japanese Nikkei of July 1, grew by 2.1%, Chinese Shanghai Composite — by 2.2%, the index of Singapore stock exchange — 1.5%. American stock indices in early trading added half to two percent.

The thirst for revenge

Experts warn that talking about the war before. The resumption of talks does not mean the conclusion of a new agreement, moreover, it is unknown what concessions is ready to go to Beijing, in addition to increasing purchases of American agricultural products.

Yes, and Donald trump, as has often happened, may at any time to change your mind and enter the promised tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 300 billion. The more that it has struck a wave of criticism from Congress: Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio reminded the President of his own allegations that Huawei “threatens U.S. national security”, and announced the intention to unite with the Democrats for the sake of these sanctions at the legislative level.

“Huawei is in the black list for a reason,’ said Lindsey Graham in the TV program “face the nation”. — This company belongs to the Chinese government and is under strict military control. It can be used for hacking technologies, theft of trade secrets and other data. Sell Huawei important know-how would be a mistake, and if it is a major concession on the part of trump, it will cause serious opposition Congress”.

Even longtime friend and ally of Donald trump, Senator John Barrasso believes that “Huawei USA will become a Trojan horse.” “I am worried this situation — said Barrasso, in an interview with NBC. — I think they are a threat to our national security. Personally, I would, of course, was not allowed Huawei into the country.”

Critics tried to calm the head of the National economic Council, White house, Lawrence Kudlow. In an interview with Fox News, he stressed that along with trump appreciates the concern of the senators in relation to national security, and clarified: we are not talking about “General Amnesty”.

“The Ministry of Commerce will temporarily provide a number of additional licenses for the supply of goods of General use. For example, some manufacturers of microprocessors in the United States sell products category, which without any restrictions are available in other countries. We do not believe that these cases involve national security,” explained Kudlow on TV.

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