According to data analysts Parks Associates, subscribing to streaming services (like Netflix and Hulu) today account for 86% of the total share of money spent by North American consumers for online video; in 2012 the share of spending on subscriptions was less than half of the total.

This statistic says about the incident in recent years, changing the format of content consumption — a smaller percentage of users prefer pay-per-download, or digital rental via Amazon or iTunes.

An important factor in this shift was also active introduction of streaming platforms companies-giants in the near future the major video services will launch Disney, Apple and WarnerMedia.

Research Director and principal analyst at Parks Associates Brett Sappington: “the New platform, preparing to enter the OTT market will take into account the crowded market and will follow its own strategic objectives. Disney+ is aimed at the international market. AT&T is considering a streaming format rather as the development of its network of pay TV than company-owned vMVPD resources. There are good prospects for niche platforms such as The video service Frndly TV, designed for a family audience. With the arrival on the market of large players, users will have to increase spending, and therefore a strategically important factor to attract and retain a regular audience will be the quality of the content and an intense rate of production of first-class video”.

SOURCE: Broadband TV News

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