There is an active test function.

The developers of Instagram has begun testing one of the most anticipated features for the users of the social network. Instagram is working on adding to the web version of the service option to send private messages Instagram Direct. This became known from screenshots of the new features that were published on the Internet.

At the moment the ability to send private messages in Instagram exists solely through mobile apps. It is not like all the users who regularly ask the developers of Instagram to add the option of correspondence to the web version of the service.

As it turned out today, the long-awaited option will still appear. Instagram is testing sending messages using Instagram Direct in the web version and apps for Windows and macOS. The innovation will allow Instagram users to freely correspond with each other, send pictures and “Stories”.

When the option of sending personal messages will reach the desktop versions Instagram is still unknown. Insiders told only that Instagram is actively testing a new opportunity.

Source: Twitter.


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