Now every user of “Vkontakte” can close its page from strangers. This is one of the changes which were announced earlier managing Director of the social network.

When you activate private profile, other users “Vkontakte”, which are not included in the friends list will see the minimum amount of information. They will see the name, profile photo, status, city, age, place of work and the number of records on the page.

The rest of the content, including all photographs, recordings, videos, music, stories and subscriptions, will be closed from outsiders. It can be viewed by only friends.

Here is the page which is closed for strangers.

In addition to the new private functions, in “Vkontakte” now hides the list of people who have shared the entry. Can be viewed by only the Creator of a publication or community administrator. Closed accounts are counted in the counter reposts, but they are hidden even from the Creator of the record.

Managing Director of “Vkontakte” Andrey Rogozov also announced a new section in which are described the principles of operation of social networks with personal data. “VKontakte” will reveal information about what data is stored on servers, how long and what are they used for.


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