Animaze, waiting for the next improvement.

Apple will continue to improve animated emoticons, animaze in the next versions of iOS. On iPhone and iPad with Face ID will be updated, animaze with support for sounds. It is expected that the innovation will be added in iOS 13.

According to a new Apple patent, the company is working on an improved version of animaze. Animated emoticons, which are based on the facial expressions of the user becomes more accurately track movement. Due to this, the animation, animaze will be even better.

The main innovation of animaze new generation will be sounds. Apple is considering creating a collection of sounds for playback during recording, animaze. So, animaze-the dog will bark, animaze-cat — meow, etc.

When Apple implements an improved version of anymaxi in iOS at the moment is not known. However, given that the company updates, animaze in every major version of iOS, expect innovation in iOS 13.


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