The world famous company Intel has presented the development of Chelyabinsk tracking body Nuitrack at the annual Conference on neural information processing systems in Montreal (Canada), a correspondent from Chelyabinsk.

Similar to the technology of gesture recognition is Microsoft (Kinect) and Apple (after the purchase of the Israeli company PrimeSense). However, a Corporation with a worldwide reputation interested in the decision of the Chelyabinsk company “TRIDEVI”. In 2018 between the two organizations signed a licensing agreement that allowed the developer from the Chelyabinsk region to become the main supplier of the solutions for the foreign companies.

“The fact that Intel Corporation has selected our solution, says the international level, Chelyabinsk development, good qualification of our programmers. Nice to see that yesterday’s graduates of South Ural state University and CSU — mathematicians and programmers — create today the world’s best software products,” comments development Director, OOO “TRIDEVI” Dmitry Morozov.

Software Nuitrack designed for machine vision systems based on 3D sensors. It provides recognition of the human body silhouette with the help of 19 points of the skeleton, gestures and faces in real time.

Development allows to simultaneously detect 6 users of the system. Consumers Nuitrack are the developers of interactive applications in the fields of augmented reality, medical rehabilitation (physiotherapy), robotics.

Today clients of the South Ural companies are large companies such as LG, Orbbec, Orange. “Of trividi” is a participant of SKOLKOVO and Neuronet STI. The development of the enterprise are carried out with the financial support of Fund of Assistance to Innovation.

Photo press service of the Ministry of information of the Chelyabinsk region.

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