The company’s engineers tried.

Samsung smartphone with foldable display will be released this year, not next. In an interview with CNBC reporters told the head of the mobile division of the Korean company Donjin Ko (DJ Koh). It seems that Samsung is betting on new form factor and try to compete with the iPhone XS.

Details about the device still is not enough. We know that when folded it will resemble a smartphone with a touchscreen OLED display. In expanded mode, significantly increase the diagonal of the screen. It is also known that make the flexible display panel, no hinges or fasteners on the curvature of the design model is not provided. This is the main difference of this model from ZTE Axon M and similar gadgets.

Samsung engineers are preparing something fundamentally different from the tablet. The reason is simple — an innovative product should not copy existing ones. According to the head of Samsung Mobile, the end user will understand that he holds in his hands and why is it better than other smartphone or tablet.

Specifications, name, and design features of the new smartphone Samsung so far kept secret. The model is officially presented at the developer conference Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco in November. Earlier it was reported that the announcement of the gadget is scheduled for 2019.

Source: Gizmochina


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