Indian insider Sudhanshu Amphora in his microblog in Twitter has published renderings of the new version of the iPhone XR 2019 in a transparent case. Before the announcement of the phone there is still about three months — he, like the other two representatives of the new line, Apple will release in September.

As seen in this render, the differences between the new iPhone XR 2019 from the word almost. The phone looks exactly the same, therefore, two other Executive staff of changes in terms of appearance not undergo. The only difference is the camera which, unlike the current iPhone XR became square and double. In other devices this module will triple. Everything else is the same — a huge cutout in the screen, wide frame design, which is for five years and so on. In short, this year the new Apple smartphones will be the new only from the inside, and that is not a fact — specifications not published yet. In General, everything suggests that Apple this year is going to once again try to sell to consumers outdated in terms of exterior gadgets, while other manufacturers are moving to full swing frameless screens and other modern bun.

So all hope for 2020, especially today it became known characteristics of the IPhones that will be released next fall. At least one of the members of the line is guaranteed to receive the support of cellular networks of the fifth generation are currently under construction worldwide and even in Russia. In addition, all phones will switch to OLED screens (now, as you know, in the Junior iPhone XR uses the IPS panel, and it is expected in the upcoming iPhone XR 2019). Diagonal screens will change, the older models will be displays of 5.4 and 6.7 inches, to meet the needs of those who like less and those who prefer more. The successor to the iPhone XR 2019 will retain the 6.1-inch screen. The design of mobile phones is unknown, but it’s hardly the Apple and next time will not offer anything new. However, it would be in her style — jony Ive, chief designer of the company, has long been lazy and never gives anything worthwhile and new. On the other hand, Apple might copy the idea of the Chinese and Koreans, and in this case, we can expect new frameless IPhones with large batteries and finally with USB-C. However, they were only dreams, and as will be actually, will know in the spring of 2020, when the network will merge the first leaked information about these smartphones.

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