The site The Verge said about the security update and a new way of confirmation of his page in the social network.

Now major accounts with a large number of subscribers to verifizieren your page will need to directly request the confirmation via the form. Before, users had hoped that someday Instagram he will notice them and will grant such status.

In order to confirm your page, you need to go to your profile, go to “settings”, select “request approval” and fill out the required information. After that, the administration will consider the application and will announce approved or not.

Changes were made to the security system. Now to configure two-factor authentication through third-party services, working with Instagram, such as Google Authenticator and DUO Mobile. Therefore, users can receive verification codes via designed for this application, which is a more secure method.

In addition, the function of “account information” which will automatically show information about the page with a large number of subscribers. Visible country in which the user exists, change the name of the account owner for the last year and any ads that appear on the page.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, explained that all these innovations are introduced to facilitate the receipt of user information, which ultimately will lead to the strengthening of the security social network.


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