Social network Instagram, owned by Facebook, has introduced innovations to combat hate speech and bullying on the Internet. This was said in a Monday statement.

According to statistics, one of the innovations will be the mechanism using artificial intelligence to determine which language uses one or the other user in their publications or comments. In the case that the signature will be regarded as offensive, the author will be prompted to change it by using less harsh words and phrases.

Another innovation in social media will be the advent of Restrict (“Restrict” — with eng.), which will allow users to hide other people’s offensive comments under their articles. The offenders will be able to continue to write them, but to see them just be themselves. According to the developers, it will allow victims of bullying on the Internet to avoid conflict in real life, how can that happen if they just remove the offensive comments in his address. Innovations, according to the company, will enter into force in the near future.

The Instagram app, intended for the publication of photos and videos, was launched in October 2010 and was originally intended only for mobile devices from Apple. In April 2012 the service became available to users of the Android platform. Then the company Facebook, which owns the eponymous social network, bought Instagram for $1 billion In June last year, the number of social network users has exceeded 1 billion people.

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