“The master of sports on pumping flaccid ass” — this caption greets visitors Instagram account of Anastasia Cherchenko @rakamakafit. In the eyes dazzled by bright colors: the photo and video blogger shows exercises and shares recipes healthy lifestyle in acid bathing, the rich red leggings and a bright purple top.

This image she created in 2015 and since then does not change the image to stand out from the competition. “Sometimes I went to the shop, bought something, recorded videothreesome and then handed back — all for the sake of the Instagram different from all the others,” laughs the 32-year-old Cherchenko.

On her account today, signed 620 000 users, 400,000 more watching the online store blogger @rakamaka.fit. Clients brand Rakamakafit, which produces sports equipment for fitness, have become the order of 40 000 people, and revenue last year reached 67 million roubles, says Cherchenko. Forbes has learned how the popular fitness blogger turned into a successful entrepreneur.

Charging by subscription

Cherchenko Anastasia was born in Moscow. Parents worked at the Institute of Oceanology of RAS, and met in one of the scientific expeditions. Daughter in their footsteps did not go — went to television direction at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University. After graduation, he settled on a specialty — first, the producer of the program “hero of the day” on NTV, then — PR Manager of the TV channel “Sarafan” and producer of the news programme on REN TV. Just journalism of Cherchenko spent about two years, but realized that it was not her calling and decided to try their luck in business.

Borrowed from dad 800 000 enough to startup a niche online clothing store in the style of pin-up PeepShowRoom. However, two years Quinceanera dresses in pea and skirts with floral prints, which the businesswoman was ordered from the US and Europe, and has not become a sustainable business. “I realized that the segment is too narrow, and the demand for such clothing are rare, and closed the store,” explains Cherchenko.

For 2011 it is “looking for himself” — took courses at the advertising Agency BBDO, was looking through new business ideas. “I was in a state of frustration: I was looking for something that will burn, and at the same time I reproached myself for slacking and not making any money,” said Cherchenko.

On the background of stress, she gained 15 kg of excess weight. Helped to get out of the crisis future husband — dentist Igor blumkin. He gave Cherchenko a subscription for a course of ten personal training in the fitness club “Charging” near the metro station “Teply Stan”. “At first it was very difficult, especially in the classroom with the hardware. But after six months of training with a trainer I noticed obvious changes: my body has become more strong and fit,” says the businesswoman.

The only negative consequence of training was the pain in my knees and back. To understand how to get rid of unpleasant sensations, Cherchenko started reading about fitness and watching numerous online tutorials trainers on YouTube. But all professionals advise different, so to develop our own methodology, the entrepreneur decided to learn myself.

In 2012, she underwent a two-month course personal gym instructor at the Moscow College of fitness and bodybuilding them. Ben Vader, and then got a job as a Director of advertising and marketing the same club “Charging”, where he started to train. “I just approached the owner of the club Marina Karjaginii, offered to advertise, and I was immediately taken,” says Cherchenko. To “Charge” it finally worked for about two years, in 2014, got married, and in 2015 went on maternity leave.

The decree in the squat

“I thought I would come to work and will return to training within a month after the birth of a daughter, but the decree was delayed for more than a year. I didn’t want to move away from her daughter on a step,” says Cherchenko. During this time she re-gained weight — 18 kg.

To go to the gym as often as before, the entrepreneur could not, so I decided to actively do at home. In the nearest sporting goods store she had bought a latex tape with different stiffness, which burden ordinary squats, and expander — long latex harness with a hole inside and two handles at the ends. With this inventory Cherchenko and returned to training without leaving your baby.

The idea to produce and sell their own sports equipment for “home fitness” came from entrepreneurs in the same 2015 — a month after beginning home exercises. “Nobody invested in marketing the fitness rubber bands and expanders and not explained how they can replace a workout in the gym,” she recalls his motivation.

At that time in Russia was not used today popular terms “fitness band” and “fitness elastic band”, confirms Oleg Svechkin, CEO of the online store Ramayoga. “They were called in different ways: shock-absorbing tape, mini-expanders and so on. The demand for these products due to lack of a wider audience habits to use them was really small,” says the entrepreneur.

Cherchenko with the launch of a new business decided not to rush: “it was Necessary to first create a personal brand: tell that I am also a mother and also trained with fitness bands and resistance bands. And then, if the audience will have the interest to start their own production”. Before the end of the year it has renamed his Instagram account, which was signed a couple of hundred people, @rakamakafit and began to share workouts in bright costumes. Catchy title of the blog came up immediately — this was a reference to the famous line, Rock the microphone Freestyler single from Finnish band Bomfunk MC’s.

“To become popular in Instagram [to 2015-2016] was not as difficult as it is now,” said Cherchenko. She used to buy advertising at sports bloggers Olga Yakubenko (822 000 subscribers), Tatiana Kostova (544 000), Oleksandra Morgacheva (524 000) and others, and to use mutual PR scheme in which two users cross-recommend each other to their audiences. Buying a single post has cost her 4000-6000 rubles. “Rescued and Instagram the public about healthy eating. In them I placed the same publication fee, which said: “Subscribe to Nastya, she will give all subscribers something useful,” says Cherchenko.

“I gave them ten bottles of vodka. Said, “As a deal, be sure to drink with the Chinese, they love to Petrovtsy with new partners!”

By 2016, the audience of this blog has grown from 500 users up to 40,000. “People like what is possible with such primitive compact equipment to pump the whole body from the comfort of home” — describes his own recipe for the success of Cherchenko. Subscribers and then asked her where she purchased fitness bands and resistance bands. The entrepreneur realized that the time to launch your brand sports equipment come.

The first thing she went to the exhibition “Tires, rubber” in Moscow “Expocentre”. There Cherchenko hoped to find suitable manufacturers. “I brought to the exhibition, bought the samples and explained what I want. But all the latex factories as one said to make them not able due to lack of proper equipment, material, colors,” says the businesswoman.

It turned out, all latex fitness bands and resistance bands to Russia came from China. “Until now, absolutely all players continue to import this product from abroad,” — said Oleg Svechkin of Ramayoga. In the summer of 2016, understanding the market, Cherchenko started to seek a partner among Chinese factories. At the start she did it remotely communicated with the European competitors, such as Kinetic Bands, and their recommendations have found manufacturers ‘ websites from China. After a few weeks spent at the computer, Cherchenko managed to find a factory near Shanghai, to register the IP and order a test batch of 1000 fitness bands and 500 of swimwear under the brand Rakamakafit.

The cost of production of goods, promotion of your account in Instagram and the launch site of the store amounted to about 1 million rubles. This amount in the form of an interest-free loan of Cherchenko provided the husband (the husband of a businesswoman working in a family doctor’s clinic Blumenau and also has a popular Instagram account with 81 000 subscribers).

In September, Cherchenko received the first batch of goods. “It turned out, miraculously, we came in pretty high-quality supplier. The product came good, but the inscription Rakamakafit was quickly wiped away,” she recalls. To sell gum and trinkets blogger started using Instagram and website. Initial investments have paid off in two months. “But until the middle of 2017, the business continued to live in the mode of a hobby: I had not debugged deliveries, no stock, nor any sales through the website,” admits the entrepreneur.

The cycle of production at a Chinese factory was three months, and Cherchenko not always have time to order a new batch. Part of the goods she kept in her own apartment, a part — in the apartment of the assistant to be lured with the post of advertising Manager and marketing “Charging”. All sales went through a personal page of Cherchenko and established in October 2017, account of the brand in Instagram. A set of five resistance bands of different hardness were worth 3740 rubles, of the four fitness bands — 1240 rubles. “The profit I don’t even consider — all it took for new orders,” says the businesswoman.

Defective expanders and 10 bottles of vodka

Soon, Cherchenko hire two employees — a sales Director and Manager corporate Instagram account. In the summer of 2017 she had to find a new factory. First, under the Shanghai, once sent a batch of 2000 defective expander. “The handles on the ends of the expander were poorly recorded during intense workouts departed from latex harness,” recalls the entrepreneur. She didn’t notice the marriage at the receiving party and sent the equipment to the buyers.

“We almost ruined my reputation” — angry, Cherchenko. Keep customers helped flashmob in Instagram: using the hashtag #Rakamakafit otzyv the store has collected more than 1000 posts with complaints and returned all money to the victims for expanders with “surprise”. The damage from the incident, according to Kirchenko amounted to about 1 million rubles.

“We need to go beyond social media, go to retail, maybe even open your own fitness Studio”

To change the provider, the entrepreneur hired another employee with knowledge of the Chinese language to work together with the sales Director trip to China. “I gave them ten bottles of vodka. Said, “As a deal, be sure to drink with the Chinese, they love to Petrovtsy with new partners!” Of cherchenko shared with subordinates knowledge to the movies. The idea worked: a few weeks later, the Russian company found a new factory in Shenzhen. The company has agreed to supply Rakamakafit better product at a lower price, assured of Cherchenko. The average margin on the bands and the bands began to be of the order of 300%. “This figure includes not only the cost of the goods, but also logistics — the delivery of goods by container from China,” explains the businesswoman.

The business took off. For all of 2017, Cherchenko, according to her, rescued 24.7 million rubles and received 11.4 million rubles of net profit. Most of the money the company earned during the second half of the year.

Do not share gum

In early 2018, Cherchenko expanded the range Rakamakafit stability balls and vultures (made by the same factory) and began to sell goods sets — resistance bands fitness bands, resistance bands with vultures, etc., Together with the products, the entrepreneur began to send customers booklets with exercises, and very sociable Instagram has created a closed-group Secret_rmf (now there are about 22 000 subscribers), access to which can be obtained by each buyer. All this allowed to increase the average bill in 2500 to 2700 rubles.

After a year of work with sets of equipment revenue, compared to 2017 have more than doubled — to 67 million rubles, and net profit amounted to 18 million, says Cherchenko. The profitability of the business has decreased due to development of the ecosystem of Instagram. “A lot are spending on promotion. If previously a paid post in Instagram treated us in 6000-7000 rubles, now for such publication, asking for 100 000 rubles,“ — explains Cherchenko.

The market has become more competitive. The number of requests for keyword “fitness band”, according to Yandex Wordstat, from mid-2017 increased from 6620 to over 40,000 per month. Ride the demand wanted, and new players (there was, for example, the Russian project “Fitness Elastic band”), and those who are on the sports market the first year. “We noticed a boom, renamed the depreciation of the ribbon, in the fitness of the gum. The demand is then doubled,“ — says Oleg Svechkin of Ramayoga. The founder of “Fitness Bands” Tamara Danilyuk refused to comment.

Neinstalata economy

Brand Rakamakafit develops at the expense of the audience in Instagram: the social network brings in over half of the clients. The two accounts Cherchenko already has over 1 million subscribers, and entrepreneur continues to spend 15-20% of revenue on building this base.

“Audience and, consequently, sales of the brand grow at the expense of publications from other bloggers, customer reviews and targeted advertising in Facebook and Instagram — lists Mikhail Karpushin, Director of marketing and product Agency GetBlogger. — But there is organic growth: Anastasia Cherchenko exploits the eternal theme, who put pressure on the pain of women — motherhood and appearance as a measure of success”.

Cherchenko in the future of the business based only on sales through Instagram, believes: “we Need to go beyond social media, go to retail, maybe even open your own fitness Studio”. In March-April 2019 the businesswoman signed agreements with Wildberries and Ozon. “In may Rakamakafit showed six-digit sales growth on our platform,” — said Maria Zaikina, Director of public relations and internal communications Ozon. Most often, the products on Ozon acquired with sport and healthy food and children’s goods. “It’s just that most of the female audience Instagram Anastasia Cherchenko” — said Zaikina. The representative Wildberries also confirmed the fact of cooperation with Rakamakafit.

“Anastasia Cherchenko exploits the eternal theme, who put pressure on the pain of women”

While retailers account for only 15% of the sales Rakamakafit. But the figure will grow: the manufacturer is already “in the process of placement of goods” in the marketplace of Yandex and Sberbank “Take!” (representative of marketplace Forbes confirmed this information), as well as negotiating with Lamoda. “But for this (a new platform — approx. Forbes) we need to increase the range by at least 10 different products,” — says Cherchenko.

She recently launched on the website Rakamakafit online course — a five-week exercise program and nutrition. 18 training course for entrepreneur developed itself, and for the selection of diet for weight loss or weight gain by the application client hired a nutritionist. While the direction brings minor revenue. “But I believe this product,” says Cherchenko.

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Ksenia Sobchak, 37 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 12
Income: $1.0 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 6.5 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 851 000 / 55.8 mln more
The daughter of the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and former Federation Council member Lyudmila Narusova.

23 Dec 2017 became the presidential candidate from the party “Civil initiative” (June 2018 renamed the “Party of change”). Четвtртое took place in the presidential election on March 18, 2018, gaining 1 237 692 (1,68%) votes.

Known for his interviews with major Russian businessmen and politicians who came out in the program “Sobchak alive” on TV channel “Rain”.

From 20 may 2019 has been the chief producer of a new entertainment TV channel “Super”.

The main income Sobchak brings management of corporate events and advertising in Instagram. The largest advertising contracts signed with Bosco di Ciliegi, “L’etoile”, Pandora, and Dior Makeup.

In March 2015, made his debut as a stage actress in the play “Marriage” of the theatre of Nations. The main role in this production was played by her ex-husband Maxim Vitorgan.

In June 2018, was released documentary film “Sobchak Case” based on script by Ksenia Sobchak and Faith Krychev.

“I don’t know what will happen in 10 years. Maybe I’m bored, I’ll go to India and will live in the Ashram. So far no such desire” (Forbes, 2012).

Nastya Ivleva, 28 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 14
Income: $0.9 million
Subscribers in Instagram (main account): 12.4 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: over 3 million / more 175,7 million
The first promotional offer Nastia Ulevoi did when her blog in Instagram gathered 10,000 subscribers. It was an advertisement for the Dating website Badoo, where you Ivlieva earned 15,000 rubles.

In 2016, the success Ulevoi noticed on television: first, she was invited to show “anything” on TV channel “Yu”, and then in the transfer of “heads and tails” on “Friday.” (from it she went to the end of 2018).

Last year Ivlieva launched his own YouTube show. She also continues to grow in Instagram, she has more than 12 million subscribers.

For the main spoken YouTube show “wdud” issue with Ulevoi remains the most popular — interviews of more than 26 million views.

In 2018 Ivlieva became a producer. It produces in Instagram leading “Match TV” Yulia Koval and Instagram-blogger Vitaly Vidyakina.

The first lady of the Runet: as Nasty Ivlieva learned how to make millions in personal brand

Yuri Dude, 32 years

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 18
Income: $1.4 million
The Instagram followers: 2.2 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 5.7 million / more 665,6 million
In journalism came at the age of 11 wrote the notes for the “Youth newspaper”, with 14 years worked (initially freelance) in the sports edition of “Izvestia”.

Since 2011 — chief editor Sports.ru. In 2018, moved to the position of Deputy General Director of the publication, and in early 2019, the became its co-owner.

In 2012-2013, led the football talk show “Blow your head” on TV channel “Russia-2”, in the autumn of 2015 until early 2017 was a co-host of the program “cult tour” on the “Match TV”.

In February 2017 launched on YouTube the author’s show “wdud”, where he interviews interesting entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, actors, Directors, and representatives of show-business and the Internet, and also produces documentary films.

Audience of the channel “wdud” as of the end of July 2019 — more than 5.7 million subscribers. Editions of the show in total was about 664 million times.

A year before the 2018 world Cup in Russia Dude took part in the campaigns of Alfa-Bank, Head & Shoulders, Hyundai, Veon, Adidas and other more modest brands.

Size, 34

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 21
Income: $2.7 million
The Instagram followers: 1.7 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 7.4 million / 1.6 billion

Real name Valentin Petukhov

Cocks began with reviews on Apple equipment, this explains his nickname. Wylsa the abbreviation of “Would you like some apples?” (“Do you want some apples?”).

In December 2017, Sberbank has signed an exclusive contract with Wylsacom. Blogger became the Ambassador of the state Bank. Under the contract he is testing the “digital services company and tells them their audience.” In 2018, the contract was extended for another year.

Alexei Navalny appealed to Petukhov to help with production, and he responded, giving the opposition a number of tips on starting a YouTube channel. It cocks suggested format is “grey background and the white table”, which uses the politician.

Kate Clapp, 26 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 27
Income: $0.5 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 7.2 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 6.6 million / more 790,8 million
Real name Ekaterina Trofimova

Together with cosmetics brand MAC released a lipstick in a campaign with bloggers Maker MAC Lipstick.

In 2015, Seagull sounded in the cartoon “spongebob in 3D”. “At least a little, but left a trail in your favorite cartoon! There you can hear my legendary “Pau Chica! PAH! PAH!“, said blogger its subscribers in Instagram. In 2016, got a cameo in the fourth season of the series “Junior” on TV channel STS.

Sasha Spielberg, 21
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 30
Income: $0.7 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 5.1 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: 6.5 million / 1 billion

Real name — Alexander Balkovskaya.

The number of subscribers to channel Sasha Spielberg on YouTube over 6 million, account in Instagram — 5 million
Became the first among Russian women bloggers, the number of views on the YouTube channel which has exceeded 1 billion

In 2016, got a cameo in the Christmas Comedy “Christmas Tree-5”.

In April 2017 in the blog Spielberg has had a Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. In may of the same year, the blogger has participated in parliamentary hearings on the youth policy.

Little Big (Ilya Prusikin)

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 35
Income: $1.0 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 417 000
Subscribers / views on YouTube (collectively channels Little Big and “CLICKLOCK”): more than 9.9 million / more than 1.73 billion

The leader of the group Little Big — Ilya Ilyich Prusikin (pictured).

Prusikin created Little Big in 2013. The first album From Russia With Love was released in March 2014.

The video for the song SKIBIDI that Little Big released in October 2018, on YouTube gained more than 256 million views. In roller dance that has gone viral, performed by bloggers Daniel Cross, Eldar Dzarakhov, Morgenstern, rapper GONE.Fludd and the lead singer of the Hatters Yury Muzychenko.

Canal Little Big on YouTube more than 4 million subscribers.

In July, the Director of the record label Little Big Family Denis Glazin has applied for trademark registration SKIBIDI.

Group Little Big gives more than 120 concerts a year in Russia and Europe.

Max +100500, 29 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 36
Income: $0.7 million
Subscribers in Instagram: more than 722 000
Subscribers / views on YouTube: 10.1 million / more than 2.1 billion

Real name Maxim of the Devision for.

Gained fame through the videos in a humourous comment on various videos.

The number of subscribers of the channel golopolosova on YouTube more than 10 million people, the total number of hits 2 billion

Was the co-founder of OOO “Caramba TV”, which was ruled by the eponymous online channel CarambaTV and produced the show “+100500”. In January 2015, 51% of the company was sold to “STS Media” in the spring of 2016 the remaining 49% was bought by Oleg Bratishko, managing partner of the Fund Typhoon Digital Development.

IDA Galich, 29 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 39
Income: $0.8 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 5.6 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: over 1 million / more than 80.1 million
IDA Galich a long time, played in the WHC. He played for the team “Autumn kiss”, which later changed its name to “Moscow was not built”. In 2015, the team took third place in the Premier League.

Instagram-blogger has recorded four musical tracks and took them to clips, which together gained on YouTube more than 20 million views. The most popular is the Comedy movie “the Businessman”. It IDA appeared in the form of pop stars of the 1990s.

In the spring of 2019, the launched show “1 — 11” on YouTube, it stars of show business and students check on the knowledge of the school curriculum.

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