Instagram account of the popular American actor Robert Downey Jr. has become the latest target of hackers: today, it appeared suspicious posts, promising distribution of free iPhone, Tesla and Apple Watches. Now, the security page is restored, but Ben Arnold (Ben Arnold) ISAAA Movies UK fears that someone from 43 million subscribers stars could certainly fall into the trap of hackers.

Discussing the incident, some netizens speculated that the attackers didn’t just placed an ad post with phishing links, but also changed the information in your bio, that is in the page description.

Some of the panelists jokingly suggested that after leaving Marvel actor was not to live on, so he has to earn that way. The most inventive and decided that this attack was a planned revenge some of the super villains, whose plans for Tony stark, the hero Downey Jr. in “Iron man” regularly destroyed.

Downey Jr. was not the first star that had been attacked by hackers — not so long ago, crooks broke into Instagram Jason Momoa.

A few days ago hackers made fun of by the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorset, posting from his face a few racist posts.

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