In the settings of Instagram it is possible to find detailed instructions how to act in certain situations. But that’s not always enough. And contact live support social network is extremely difficult.

My friends have a business account in Instagram. The content in it is quite specific — the guys are promoting street gyms. Therefore, the account can not boast a huge number of subscribers and great potential for third party advertising. However, relative to other similar companies, they occupy a fairly good position.

And for a week now they are trying to crack. SMS backup codes come in day and night. Someone is clearly trying to go outside the device and take control. And the guys noticed that more than three unique codes per day never comes.

They tried to find out what you can do in this situation. But all that suggests the support service Instagram is to change the password and remember about two-factor authentication. However, these measures have long been known. Moreover, the password could withstand a prolonged attack.

The account holders would like to protect the profile. For example, to block intruders. Certain social networks allow you to track which device attempts hacking. But in the support section not managed to find the item that allows you to send a complaint or write a letter describing the situation.

You guys sure those who break them account can hunt for access to other profiles. However, apparently, the administration Instagram believes that to protect users from photos intimate content is more important than to ensure safe access for respectable bloggers.

Any user can easily report content that you don’t like comments that contains spam, and even the whole profile. You can set filters and notifications, to restrict access to publications and stories, but that has nothing to do with crackers.

As it turned out, the Internet is full of ads and sites offering you to access practical for any Instagram accounts. Apparently, while the social network is idle, this service will continue to be popular.

Edition MacDigger advises all users to install the original Instagram and reliable passwords and do not publish backup codes in the public domain, if the account trying to hack. Most likely, these combinations are often repeated, so sooner or later the attackers will have access to the profile, if you will not find a more interesting victim.


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